Logos and Brand identities

Your brand’s identity is the way you show the world who you are at this moment in time. We’re here to help you craft your brand into something truly unique, that will target your ideal clients and give you the best chance at success.


Logo Design

If you are a new business, or just looking to refresh your look, consistent branding is the best way to market yourself.

We will work with you to learn as much as possible about the history of your business and your future aspirations to make sure that your business’s logo will continue to resonate as you grow your business.

visual Identities

We develop full visual identities for brands that will help you be confident in keeping consistent branding across your physical and digital presence. Keeping consistent with your visual branding will make your content instantly recognisable on whichever platform your customers come across it.

A full visual identity will include colour palettes, fonts and patterns to pad out your brand. It can also include custom illustrations and icons.

Our packages of visual identities come with a quick brand sheet that has all of the information in one place. These are invaluable when making your own documents or passing on to another designer to make artwork in the future.

You will also receive a brand guidelines document which will explain how to use all the fonts and colours in the best way to keep your brand consistent.